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PROJECT: DHL Brand Films

Excerpt from "Behind the Drive" (Brand Film)

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Brand Launch Trailer

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Excerpt from "10 to Follow" (Brand Film)

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Coast to Coast

We’ve developed a long term relationship with DHL Express to produce a range of video projects, including their internal communications brand films seen each year by 3,500 DHL employees all across Canada.

DHL Express Canada

The first was "10 To Follow," a comedic mockumentary that used humor and a candid camera approach to engage employees in the production. Accompanying the screening of "10 To Follow" was the "DHL Brand Launch Trailer," an exciting promotional piece produced in the vein of a Hollywood movie trailer to build anticipation for the launch of DHL's upcoming Canadian ad campaign.

Most recently we used the RED digital cinema system to produce a rousing and cinematic brand documentary, profiling five of the company's top performers and DHL's business priorities for the year. The result: a 96% employee approval rating and a slap in the face to the notion that corporate communications must be dull.