Just last week, VMG helped brand achieve more than 237,544 YouTube views.

Capable of achieving up to 50,000 views in 4 weeks or less. Target your customers by Canadian city, gender, age and interests. Campaigns start at just $3,000 for a minimum of 15,000 views

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    The Evan [Longoria] video is officially viral! 1.5M views, WOO HOO! test


    - BBDO New York


    29,000+ [in one day]. Wow!!


    Warner Brothers Canada


    I couldn't have communicated the scope of what we accomplish without the video you produced for us. Not to mention the content marketing value of the video as well. I just want to thank you and our team for the outstanding work you do, and for making us look so good.


    Epson Canada

    How It Works

    VMG can create a kick-ass viral video for you or promote your existing video masterpiece

    For each campaign, we work with your team to develop a custom promotion strategy to target your exact customers

    VMG promotes your videos only to websites and audiences that you have approved

    Views are charged on a cost-per-view basis based on your pre-approved budget

    There are no surprise overcharge fees

    Most campaigns will achieve their viewership goals within 2-4 weeks

    Bi-weekly viewing reports are provided to let you know how viewers are interacting with your video